Sidewalk Around The Building

Indoor misting system to give the birds a similar system a natural daily refreshing shower. The system is designed to deliver just a fine spritz so none of the birds will be shocked by having a hose tuned on to wet them not attack a spray bottle which most birds become fareful of.  This misting system wil also keep dander to a minimal throught the facility.

Birds Misting Shower System

Watch our birds from anywhere. The liveview camera system will allow us to bring you in and see how the birds are doing, how we care for them and our process in maintaining their living space. Additionally once the sidewalk project is dome you will be able to view the birds in the outdoor enviroment weather permitting.

Resurfacing Bird Building Floor

Resufacing the building concrete floor is most imortant as it has much wear and tear both from cages beign rolled, cleaning and pain wear. Our birds love to explore and the floor is one of the places they love to walk on.

Driveway and Parking Lot

Adding the 10′ wide paved walk around the 40’x80′ bird building will allow us to walk the cages outside where the birds wold benefit from the fresh air and sunshine as well as not allow the grass to grow against the building eliminating weeding and bug crawling.

Edible Garden
We have cleared the area and installed the 52′ round garden fence. A minimal of 4″ garden soil, plants and gardenng tools be needed to resume this project in wich due to COVID had to be placed on hold. Fresh frit and vegetables are our best beneficial food for the birds.
Web Cam

Ashfalt the recent stone addition drive and park to our easy of entrance and exit from driveway to building and parking. The recent stone addition was necessary for additional parking space, deliveries of supplies and propane.