Sanctuary Operations
Raising Funds For Continued Operations

Healthy Food for Heathy Birds

Healthy diets begin with healthy food. The cost associated with feeding birds is expensive. Not only is it expensive but feeding parrots the wrong food will increase veterinary care visits, promote feather plucking, obesity and other health issues. Likewise, an incomplete and unbalanced diet can have the same results. The best food to feed as a snack of course is fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Bird Toys and Enrichment

We encourage parrot’s movement by providing birds with an outlet for exercise. Bird toys contribute to both the mental and physical health of parrots. Bird toys stimulate curiosity, prevent boredom, maintain beaks and keep them fit. Interactive bird toys also fullfill the much needed playful interaction between bird and human.

Sanctuary Birds and Veterinary Care

Routine, emergency, and other veterinary needs are essential to maintaining a healthy parrot. It is not enough to just provide birds with the essential foods and monitoring diet to keep a bird healthy. Routine veterinary care is absolutely necessary and more so for handicap, senior birds and birds who may show sluggishness and feather plucking. Many of these birds may have underlying issues that will be undetected. Therefore, once a year or more, a CBC is required to reveal what the blood levels are and prevent any illness or condition in early stages and address the issue. Without regular veterinary care many birds may suffer from arthritis, heart, liver and other eliments which are not found by the new or inexperienced caregiver. We rely on our veterinary experts and their recommendations to assure our parrots will live a full and healthy life.

Sanctuary Operating expenses

A successful non-profit organization operating expenses and responsibility is no different than a for-profit corporation except for their mission, goals and reputation. Likewise, the responsibility to servicing clients, conduct State and Federal filing, and both types of business must establish and maintain a sound yearly budget in order to continue and grow their operations.

It is our responsibility to create and maintain multiple budgets for both our facility operation as well as individual birds lifetime care with the biggest impact at the lowest impact to the wallets of our supporters and providing performance transparency. It would be otherwise irresponsible for Under My Wing to take the busines aspects of its operations lightly.

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