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Volunteering your time and talent means the world to us, we can’t even imagine the vast amount of work that can be done by having a volunteer team with one or more talents to help us.

Electric, plumbing, construction, masorony, landscpape and snow removal are tasks that are necessary each and every year, due to upgrading or maintaining our facility and property. Accountants, bookeepers, data entry, bloggers are also on our top list.

These individuals are a rare find and we hope that you are one who may be willing to volunteer.

If you like to work directly with birds and in a very loud atmoshere, we never shy away from individuals who care to help us maintain the bird building clean and in order. There is always a window and ledge to clan, the kitchen and bathroom and the entrance room always need tiding up.

Needless to say that feeding the birds, making toys, washing their bowls, stacking their food and cleaning their feeces and dandar off cages and floors is very hard work and quite time consuming but a daily routine and necessary need.

Bird groomers or helpers will be kept busy for sure as grooming all our birds is a never ending chore because not all birds need nail and beak care at the same time as each bird have their own natural nail growth. However, some birds like to bathe in their dish but most ofthe birds need showers and bathing several times a week, every week.

It’s the teenagers who trly are attracted to volunteer their time with photo shoots and videos in which we use for our website and promoting our sanctuary.

There are so many other talents you can bring that have not be mentioned so, if you have time and are willing to help just know we are here waiting on someone like you.

The successful operation of our organization begins with its volunteers. Be part of a successful team.





A Supporting Member is one who shares and sustains our mission and contributes to the birds optimal quality of life.

When you become a Supporting Member, you join a special circle of caring and compassionate people who help us provide proper food, housing, veterinary care, life-enrichment items, and more.

Get involved in expanding our community outreach activities (eg, educational programs and workshops and strengthen our role as advocates for responsible parrot ownership.

Difference in Membership Explained:

Supporting Member will need to volunteer at the refuge on a regular basis a few hous a week for for 1 year prior to becoming a Voting Board Member. This will prepare the individual to make a sound decition prior to the commitment in becoming a voting member.

Voting Member are required to Volunteer a minimal of 30 to 35 hours per week In order to familiarize and gain knowledge of our full operations, daily responsabilities, in-dept bird care as well as any emergency situation that may arise.


Become an adoptive parent of a sanctuary bird helps Under My Wing Avian Refuge provide food, medication, veterinary care, supplies, and the highest standards of animal care. Unfortunatelly, not all of our birds have a sponsor.

When you become an adoptive parent to a bird, you become a co-guardian to one of the birds, in which many have many special needs and not only you help provide for their needs, you improve their lifes. All our sanctuary birds are in need of human interactions as well to help them stay healthy and happy and you are welcome to visit your adopted bird and see how your co-guardianship is helping the birds thrive.



The major objectives of implementing our 2022 projects is renovations and upgrades our facilities, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Installing a fire like shower system to be able to shower the birds just by turning the soft mist water on or off and allow all the birds to bathe at once.
  • The birds flooring is in need of resurface, chipped paint, wear and tear nees to be and …….In order for us to do this we need to move the birds to a tempoary housing  for a few weeks.
  • The building needs a sidewalk, we are taking this a step further and expenf a regular 4′ sidewalk to a 10′ in order to be able to bring the cages outside in the permitted weather.
  • Webcams allow you to get up close to the birds without you leaving your home all year around. Installing four to six Live View Cameras to
  • We planted peach, apricot and pear tree 3 years ago and are receiving our first fruits, the apple tree is yet too young to produce fruit. We want to add more fruit trees as the birds ove fruits. The Edible Garden area was completed in 2021 and we installed a 52′ round fence to protect the garden from wildlife. We will need 4-6″ of soil, build raised beds and purchase gardening materials and tool with veggie plants and berry bushes.
  • Asphalting the driveway and parking. In 2021 we added the stone from driveway to building to allow the delivery and heating truck to have access without getting stuck in the dirt, we also added 10 vehicle parking. In 2021 we are in hopes to ashphal the driveway and parking.

We need your help:

  • Financial resources. No amount is too small but if you are able to donate $500 or more to a chosen project, it will bring completion much faster.
  • Gift Cards to Home Depot, Lowes, will help us with the purchase of items needed for the shower and garden.
We're caring for the most vulnerable birds in the world!