Beneficiary Designation
Values, mission and bird care treatment for sanctuary birds.

Our plan for a succession organization is established. We are in the process of finalizing the partnership and planning the bird’s transition to their new home as required. Your financial support is imperative in continuing operation.

We are profoundly grateful to all of our contributors, who’s only recompense for their contributions is the opportunity whos passion for the vision of the birds future is possible. We are grateful to you, our readers and supporters who cheer us on as we meet your expectations.  

We appreciate your patience during this time awaiting updating announcements.

We’re measuring success!

With the help of avian experts we reached out to for advice to help us find a reputable successor organization. Without any doubt or delay, we proudly announce that a reputable organization to commit our bird’s future and their long lived life care and protection has been established. Our succession organization value’s, mission and bird care treatment for our sanctuary birds hold the best interest of them.

Under My Wing has been in existence for 15 years and has placed a plan of succession years ago. Our primary plan was for our board members to continue to run the sanctuary. Over the years as we all age, lost some board members due to illness or need for a nursing home.

On December 2021 I suffered a Lung Embolism and began the New Year with the diagnosis and treatments for the (C) word which I prefer calling it “Celebration of life with infusion regiments of Cocktails Cheer.

I have had a vigorous attitude filling me with a healthy attitude, an even a greater determination than ever in my life with an unstoppable spirit to live to 90 and continue to care for the sanctuary birds and I refused fear to grip my heart for my life. I believe this is just another plateau to reach, one that truly shows what life looks like when living matters the most. My therapy regiments is nothing more than the mixture of Cocktails I receive bringing me health and a newness of life to accomplish more.

When diagnosed, my tumors were in advanced stage. The goal was to control and shrink the tumors, relieve pain and prevent the condition from metastasizing in any new area. I am ecstatic to report that regiments of the mixture of Cocktails I receive are working. My recent tests show one small tumor is completely gone and the larger tumor has decreased in size. I am continuing to receive treatments and look forward to my next report showing total remission.

My life will never be the same; it’s renewed, with newer hope and clearer visions as the plans for our sanctuary bird’s future is secured.

We appreciate your help and patience as we devote this time to the continual care of the birds being our top priority. Simultaneously preparing all necessary legalities, logistic planning, manpower and good old fashion time to the health and safety of the bird’s transition to their new home when we need to.

Please continue to support our needs as we continue posting our updates.

Thank you!

Our work in saving birds lives continues!