Become A Member

A Supporting Member is one who shares and sustains our mission and contributes to the birds optimal quality of life.

When you become a Supporting Member, you join a special circle of caring and compassionate people who help us provide proper food, housing, veterinary care, life-enrichment items, and more.

Get involved in expanding our community outreach activities (eg, educational programs and workshops and strengthen our role as advocates for responsible parrot ownership.

Difference in Membership Explained:

Supporting Member will need to volunteer at the refuge on a regular basis a few hous a week for for 1 year prior to becoming a Voting Board Member. This will prepare the individual to make a sound decition prior to the commitment in becoming a voting member.

Voting Member are required to Volunteer a minimal of 30 to 35 hours per week In order to familiarize and gain knowledge of our full operations, daily responsabilities, in-dept bird care as well as any emergency situation that may arise.