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Avian Disease Testing

Early detection and quarantine of infectious diseases helps prevent the devastating effects that a bacterial, fungal, parasitic or viral outbreak can cause.

We offer sexing and disease testing at a minimal cost, many times the cost of testing your bird is lower than an avian veterinary because we make use of labs direct. We offer these services to all bird owners within our driving distance. We also try to accommodate bird owners by visiting the bird in their home for testing when combined with grooming services only. Disease testing cost varies on tests requested.

Avian Lifetime Care
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Our staff understands that unexpected changes in your life circumstances can force you to relinquish your beloved companion bird, and we are here to help you with this difficult process. Like many other bird owners, you don’t want to let go of your dear companion you have lived with and parting can be a heart wrenching experience. However, in the face of the inevitable, you want to make sure the bird is well provided for and that is where we can be the perfect fit. Relinquishing yur bird is a comfort knowing where or with whom their bird will be living, and that it will receive excellent care. The wonder and pain of never being able to see their bird again vanishes as you are able to visit with your bid in our sanctuary.

Avian Grooming
Grooming is maintaining your birds care and which includes; wings and beak care, nail manicure, preening and bathing. We are specialists at grooming birds all size birds, including the most aggressive and special needs birds. Bird grooming should never be a rushed service and we understand how stressful it may be for your bird. We take our time meeting you and your bird, and then we gently approach your bird with ease and care. If you are comfortable you are welcome to assist with the procedures. We continually speak to your bird to minimize stress and keeping him busy while we work followed by a treat and the security of his/her cage or your arms.

Avian Boarding
Your bird’s vacation is our boarding service. We accommodate your bird while you need to travel or just in need of a weekend off. We treat Parrots as we would your child. You would not leave your child with a sitter when they will not be there, or left in a playpen all day and night. We never leave your birds to tend to self because birds in our care are just like children; never left unattended and un-cared for. We are here in the event your bird may have night fright, suffer from separation anxiety as we fill their time with us with love, attention, freedom and most importantly we take time to play interective games and offer time out of cage as you would in your home.
Avian Disease Testing
​One of the most important thing you can do for your bird is to have it disease tested. People working at or visiting places like pet-shops, bird shows, zoos, medical facilities and bird hospitals can become infected and spread disease to their birds at home and placing their bird at risk. Likewise when you adopt a bird from an individual or bird rescue. If anyone tells you that the bird is free of diseases they should also provide you with a lab testing result. Word of mouth does not guarantee that your bird has been tested. We offer sexing and disease testing at a minimal cost. Early detection of infectious diseases helps prevent the devastating effects that a bacterial, fungal, parasitic or viral outbreak can cause.