Volunteers as an intern!

You have the opportunity to learn, through “hands on” experience, the complex operations involved in running a sanctuary for exotic birds. Additionally, you become knowledgeable about many species of parrots, their unique personalities, and most importantly, the proper care of the individual species.


Are you a Collage, High or Middle School students of our community?

You can enroll with us to fulfill the community service hours required by your schools.

Students who do this are generally amazed to learn about animals that they might otherwise never interact with. Many of them have used exotic birds knowledge and experience as a subject for school reports based on the hands-on knowledge and experience they have gained here at the refuge. We also have had a few art and photography students who with permission have used our bird's and facility for their projects.


Children of all ages from 5 and up can enjoy a day with parents helping do small tasks and learn about birds. Most of the children that come to Under My Wing like to feed the birds, learn to assemble toys and run around outdoors enjoying the free space and other animals like ducks, chickens and peacock.

If you are assigned to mandate volunteer, community engagement or “community service with a nonprofit for a specific number of hours per week in order to be eligible for certain government-provided benefits or have been Court Ordered to do so?

Under My Wing welcomes skills you may possess as well as offer our organization to help you fulfill your required hours. In many cases, individuals like yourself have learned service, love and compassion in a greater level. ​​

Together we have made a difference. 
Let's not stop now!


We can only do what we do with your support and we offer a variety of opportunities. Get Involved and Join Us!

You can help us do what we do for exotic birds, our community and the future of both animals and humans. Come, get involved and make an impact in the avian community. It is with your support that life changing begins with doing something good.

A phenomenal opportunity is to act on your concern, passion and motivation and to embrace the tasks at hand for the winged children who found themselves in a life where freedom and the ability to fly in the open sky is no longer their option. For captured, neglected and abused birds food and water is only served when someone pays attention to this need. 

Chances are for many parrots someday may not have enough people to give them the attention they so deserve nor the interaction to help them socialize with humans. Let's together make a difference in their life.

Come, and bring your kind, loving self to touch the life of parrots who so much desire to be loved and cared for.


​Under My Wing Avian Refuge, exist to provide captive birds with individualized care, the companionship of a flock, and the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe haven dedicated to their well-being and educating the public of the complex needs of parrots in captivity and the crisis facing them.
Under My Wing Avian Refuge AKA Under My Wing and UMWAR
Foundation Type: General, charity-Section 509(a)(2) Sub-section Code 501(c)(3) 
EIN 26-1470517
Cause Area (NTEE Code) 
Bird Sanctuary/Preserve (D32)
Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs) (D20)
Animal Training, Behavior (D61) 

Sign up for our Monthly Enrichment Workshop

Together We Have Made a Difference.
Let's not stop now!


Join us by physically attending our Monthly Enrichment workshop where we assemble toys and create an enriched environment for the birds. Workshop is held once a month (Calendar)

Donate Toy Parts Toward Our 2019 Workshop Weekends! Under My Wing Avian Refuge Birdie's Enrichment Workshop will be held the third weekend of each month. Please make sure donated toy parts will arrive by the 15th of each month. 

For those who cannot attend and wish to participate please send a donation to purchase items used such as bird part toys. 

You can also donate funds for supplies to our Enrichment Workshop Budget donate at

Embracing with love the many wings 
whose lives we transform.




Our Devotion and Commitment are Continually Changing Parrots Lives

Under My Wing Avian Refuge
1243 Rte 23 North
Wantage NJ 07461 US
Telephone: +1 973-702-7770
Paula's Cell +1 862-268-3059 (Emergencies Only) 

Is your passion devoted to birds?
Do you love birds but cannot adopt?
Owned by a bird or more and like to help other birds in need?
Like to gain invaluable experience while helping parrots in need?
Do you have vacation time coming up and care to learn more about Birds?
Would you like to give back in a unique way to your community? 

Volunteers are a critical element to the success of their future. 

The parrots that are in our lifelong sanctuary could use your help!.

Under My Wing offers the opportunity to serve your community through animal care.

This volunteer opportunity is open to people with or without bird experience.

We always need your help around the center.
You can help with one or more chores such as:

·        ​​Helping to collect and prepare bird food

·        assist with feeding the birds
·        Keeping a clean and sanitary husbandry
·        assembling bird toys
·        maintenance and construction projects around the facilities
·        Socializing the birds who need human interaction the most 

Volunteering can be fun, educational, satisfying and very rewarding.

​We offer volunteer opportunities to individuals and interns who wish to contribute to our cause.