Implemented for bird owners who are not able to afford the cost of securing the placement for their bird(s) in our sanctuary when life happens.

When bird owners needs time away, become ill, old or unable to care for their loved parrot they need to place for their birds in a safe and secure environment with the best care possible.

Under My Wing will secure that 100% funding from owners will be set aside for their bird(s) and utilized when owners need to have their bird boarded for a short period or relinquished for lifetime care.

We urge all parrot owners to consider planned estate giving for their bird(s), realistically not all bird owners have deep pockets or cannot afford to do so.

Why we believe it is important for bird owners to consider “Paying It Forward”

Under My Wing Bird Owner Pay It Forward Program, promises to secure a place for bird(s) when owners need arises. Lessening the financial burden expense at a time when the owner’s focus should remain on their immediate issues at the time and not worry on the how or affordability to place their bird.

  • Assures a temporary or long term stay for birds
  • Boarding fees can become expensive and place a dent in a time when bird(s) owner need time away for an unplanned trip or vacation.
  • Our yearly owner support fee can be prepaid thru this program
  • Veterinary and disease testing requirements if needed.
  • Provisions for any additional need such as a new cage or bird play stand
  • Option to visit and continue their relation with their bird.
  • Bird(s) not listed under our Pay It Forward Program have a lesser chance to be approved for intake in our sanctuary due to our financial ability.

Bird(s) owner in general can contribute a $10 Monthly donation to our Pay It Forward Program to help us finance emergency intakes of birds who are less fortunate or unable to fund by owners long-term without judgement.

We deeply care to make sure all birds have a future unfortunately direct public support, grants, fundraising and planned estate giving is a necessity but none is secures funds to be available when needed the most.

To enroll or support please fill out our Pay it Forward - Bird Owners Program form.

Thank you for your support!

Under My Wing “Pay It Forward"

Bird Owners Program that secures the gap!

Under My Wing Avian Refuge, exist to provide captive birds with individualized care, the companionship of a flock, and the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe haven dedicated to their well-being and educating the public of the complex needs of parrots in captivity and the crisis facing them.
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