​​Embracing with love the many wings

whose lives we transform.

Providing Home, Flock, Rest, Refuge & Individualized Care



Expand our staff and volunteer program
Educate the general public, young people, and potential bird owners about important issues of avian welfare
Develop a support program for individuals grieving over the loss of their companion bird
Establish a mutually beneficial network of animal welfare organizations that wish to excel in safeguarding exotic birds
Continue with our development plan to improve, expand and to build additional buildings and large outdoor flights aviaries.
Reach a minimal financial support paid membership of 1000

Under My Wing Avian Refuge
1243 Rte 23 North
Wantage NJ 07461 US
Email: info@undermywing.org
Tel. +1 973-702-7770
Paula's Cell +1 862-268-3059 (Emergencies Only) 


Add an to our Executive Director Assistant experienced in exotic bird care 
Add additional Board Members with a passion for animal welfare with skills and experience to incorporate into our Board of Directors as we grow
Continue to utilize local media, schools, organizations, and government offices to recruit volunteers from the community, including individuals who must fulfill required community service​​


Under My Wing’s focus is on the present and future needs of the birds. Our experience brings us to a vision of preparedness and financial stability, with a well-equipped facility capable of handling the never-ending needs of the birds – particularly those who have lost their human “family,” have been abandoned or abused, or are elderly or disabled. Preparedness is crucial not only for the immediate future but also for 10, 30, 50 years from now. Given the present over-breeding and over sales of parrots – which can live 80 years or more and which frequently outlive their original owners. Our model is to become accredited by the American Sanctuary Association and, through our demonstrated excellence of care, play a leadership role in our community and State in promoting the socially, morally, and ethically responsible treatment of exotic birds.


We can only do what we do with your support and we offer a variety of opportunities. Get Involved and Join Us!

You can help us do what we do for exotic birds, our community and the future of both animals and humans. Come, get involved and make an impact in the avian community. It is with your support that life changing begins with doing something good.

A phenomenal opportunity is to act on your concern, passion and motivation and to embrace the tasks at hand for the winged children who found themselves in a life where freedom and the ability to fly in the open sky is no longer their option. For captured, neglected and abused birds food and water is only served when someone pays attention to this need. 

Chances are for many parrots someday may not have enough people to give them the attention they so deserve nor the interaction to help them socialize with humans. Let's together make a difference in their life.

Come, and bring your kind, loving self to touch the life of parrots who so much desire to be loved and cared for.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge, exist to provide captive birds with individualized care, the companionship of a flock, and the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe haven dedicated to their well-being and educating the public of the complex needs of parrots in captivity and the crisis facing them.
Under My Wing Avian Refuge AKA Under My Wing and UMWAR
EIN 26-1470517
Cause Area (NTEE Code) 
Bird Sanctuary/Preserve (D32)
Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs) (D20)
Animal Training, Behavior (D61) 


Under My Wing Avian Refuge exists to provide captive birds with individualized care, the companionship of a flock, and the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe free flight and open cage haven dedicated to their well-being. Through education and public awareness, we seek to alleviate all animals suffering and help eliminate use of exotic birds as pets, their exploitation in show business and alleviate over-burdened parrot rescues by not emphasizing on the over rated adoption slogans for captive-bred birds due to the grown epidemic of bird abuse and hoarding scenarios all across our Country and beyond.


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Our Devotion and Commitment are Continually Changing Parrots Lives