Why a Sanctuary Matters to a Bird

Adoption inquiries are one of the most common questions we receive at Under My Wing. We do not adopt out our birds because we are a sanctuary, not a rescue. Bird sanctuaries are frequently confused with bird rescues, which are established and operate differently, though usually well intentioned are unfortunately problematic.

Birds are often rehomed several times because many people, though they may have the best of intentions, are simply not equipped to care for these intelligent birds with myriad needs.

Most birds who are rehomed have never seen a Veterinary or have been disease tested, thus, at risk of minor to life-threatening diseases.

Naturally inclined to live in groups, parrots grow depressed without nearly constant companionship and stimulation. With their advanced ability to vocalize, parrots signal to each other and communicate both in the wild and in a sanctuary environment. However most people prefer them as pets, perpetuating the “need” for rescues.

Unfortunately, in many cases the misguided public to the true mission of rescues led to believe that a parrot rescue operates similar to a parrot sanctuary. Many people rely on rescues to place or adopt a bird.

Unfortunately, unwanted birds, depressed, aggressive birds, many who suffer from separation anxiety mostly due to rehomed solutions multiple times found in parrot rescues where they be shuffled again.

A parrot sanctuary is truly the best home for birds who cannot be in their natural habitat. 

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