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Understanding Adoptions from our Refuge Adoption is a lifetime unconditional commitment. Commitment that is dedicated to and responsible for bird well-being and not to be sought out because it may be less expensive to adopt.

Adoption is not finding the perfect bird that may suit you and your family. It is rather a loving and caring act. Not a financial investment but a responsibility of another life you decide to invest in for a lifetime; yours and the bird(s).

Many birds are easily given up by owners who have chosen not to care for the life of the bird they invested in. It is for this reason and several others that birds are left to chance in hands of a rescue who must diligently find placements for adoptable birds. Adoptable bird may not be as perfect as may care for a bird to be. Some birds have behavioral issues, may be plucked and not look so pretty, may have been abused and lack human trust, may be a constant screamer or biters, may be aggressive or may be handicap (missing toes, fractured wings or legs ect.).

Despite their imperfections these birds all have one thing in common. They need loving, nurturing individuals or families to welcome them as they are.


Please Sponsor a Resident Bird.

While the adopted birds will have a new home and individual care our residents are in need of provisions such as a proper diet, vet care and toys. Your donation can help us give the best to them.

Under My Wing is a sanctuary for exotic birds, we aid in the rescue of birds and from time to time an adoptable bird is relinquished or obtained from NJSPCA or other local animal welfare organizations. Please access out adoption application on our website and visit our Facebook page but do not contact us via phone for adoption questions.

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Our birds have tested negative to disease testing for Polyoma, BBFD, Chlamydia, Pacheco and Bona Vorus.










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Wing's Helper

Embracing together and caring for the needs of unwanted, neglected and abused parrots is a kindness and humongous sacrifice of love.

A Wing’s Helper is the most important connection between you and one of birds who is residing at our refuge. It is your resources that make a difference to help subsidize the cost of feeding, avian veterinary care, aviary construction and more, along with, our hand-on daily care that create a perfect environment without lack and unmet needs.

Please contact us for an updated list of birds who do not have a Wing’s Helper. Some birds are new to our refuge, may have behavioral issues, are handicap, elder, may be in need of lifetime care or have other issues that restrain us to send them to a new home.  A Wing’s Helper choice is best suited but not limited to individuals who are willing to love and help finance the need of a bird’s care.

To become a Wing' Helper 

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