Embracing with love the many wings who's lives we help transform.

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Wing's Helper

Embracing together and caring for the needs of unwanted, neglected and abused parrots is a kindness and humongous sacrifice of love.

A Wing’s Helper is the most important connection between you and one of birds who is residing at our refuge. It is your resources that make a difference to help subsidize the cost of feeding, avian veterinary care, aviary construction and more, along with, our hand-on daily care that create a perfect environment without lack and unmet needs.

Please contact us for an updated list of birds who do not have a Wing’s Helper. Some birds are new to our refuge, may have behavioral issues, are handicap, elder, may be in need of lifetime care or have other issues that restrain us to send them to a new home.  A Wing’s Helper choice is best suited but not limited to individuals who are willing to love and help finance the need of a bird’s care.

To become a Wing' Helper 

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