Emergency Funds Needed
Imperative Payroll Funding To Continue Operation

We raised a total of $7,728 to date.

All donations made to Under My Wing Avian Refuge in honor to Betty White’s 100th Birthday will also be used toward our fundraising to secure full time employees to care for the birds in this time of need. I recently suffered from a very serious health condition, which leaves me no choice, but to focus on securing the future for the birds. A huge thanks sincerely to all who are willing to donate, have compassion and love for our sanctuary bids.

This fundraiser is updated every 24 to 48 hours.

Paula N Ashfield

Founder and Executive Director

My health is most important second only to my family and, of course, the sanctuary and the birds. It is with heartbreaking news that my health is taking a turn with sudden onset of health issues and my quality of life effects my ability to work as I fatigue easily due to my condition. I cannot begin to describe my sadness nor discuss in details at present. I can only tell you that I am not able to work or do much without long periods of rest. Immediate funding to secure payroll for temporary and permanent positions is imperative.

The Issue

On Dec 1, 2021 our Founder had a Pulmonary Embolism. She is home recovering. However, she is unable to personally care for the sanctuary birds without additional staff on board.


The Need

Payroll funds needed to hire full-time personnel with exotic bird experience to come on board for permanent hire and learn full operations of running a sanctuary. This is a permanent position that will remain for the fututre of the sanctuary.

The Solution

Additonal personel allows Under My Wing to continue operations and provide excellent care of the sanctuary birds. In addition, we can proceed with implemention and completion of upcoming programs for 2022 and thereafter.

Help Us to Hire Personel

We Need Your Help!

Under My Wing is a Lifetime Care Facility for Exotic Birds and Education Center located in Wantage, NJ.

Our Founder and Executive Director, Paula N Ashfield established and ran the operations since 2007. Her health has recently taken a turn and our need of funds to hire personnel and other staff is imperative for the continued operations of the sanctuary and care for the exotic birds entrusted in our care.  Due to our founder’s sudden health concerns and her reduced ability to continue to operate the refuge as she has for the last 14 years, Paula needs a second set of full-time hands.

As our founder will recover, the hired personnel and other staff will become part of our permanent team to assure Under My Wing’s longevity in operating the sanctuary and secure its future.

In our efforts to hire, Karen Brodsky from Gingersnap House (a supporter and volunteer), has been assigned to conduct interviews. 

There is a lack of parrot sanctuaries in the United States who operate on behalf of the parrot’s lifetime care, focus on the best interest of the birds and provide a permanent residence. There are few assurances the birds are never subjected to harm or exploitation.

Under My Wing operates on the principal of the parrot’s lifetime care and their best interests.  We have embraced living against the grain in order to achieve breaking the cycle of adoption for unadoptable birds, temporary foster care, and re-homing birds needlessly and repeatedly.  We work and hope to see these practices end.

Our intent is to see this sanctuary continue its efforts far into the future in animal care and dedicate the organizations work to the well-being of these precious winged children.  We do not wish to see our operations dissolve after so many successful years.

There are only a handful of parrot sanctuaries in the United States. All are overcrowded and lack property, housing and space; nor are they able to accommodate the financial burden or responsibility of 75 more parrots. This is another reason not to see Under My Wing dissolve its operations. We need more sanctuaries, not one less.

There are many rescues who may be able temporarily assist with the care of some of our birds if the need arises. But this is too risky for our birds because most rescues do not have headquarters or adequate facility, most operate out of their homes or utilize a foster system. They are not equipped with experienced staff to care for birds who are blind, physically disabled, aggressive and elder parrots who are in need of round the clock monitoring and medical care. Our only hope is to secure funding for payroll to assure Under My Wing will remain open and continue operating a sanctuary for birds who are fragile and in need of a sanctuary.

In closing, please note that our reaching out to you is our only hope. Help us advance the mission of our organization and continue our operation for years to come on behalf of the parrots lifetime care and their best interest.  Please help us continue providing permanent residence to sanctuary birds and ensure they never be subjected to harm or exploitation.

Thank you in advance on behalf of our founder Paula N Ashfield and the birds entrusted in our care. We appreciate your time and utmost consideration to grant us funds we desperately need.

Birds are rewarding and work-intensive, and they need your help. Come Join Us! 

Why You Should Support Us?

Because of the lack of true sanctuaries in USA and the ever-growing need for them. I am reaching out for your help in sharing the need. Help us find individuals who would be interested in helping/being hired for such a position. We truly do not want to see this sanctuary get to a point of deteriorating animal care or dissolve this organization who has dedicated 14 years to the well-being of these precious winged children.