Caring for the most vulnerable birds in the world!
October 11, 2022!

We transported 24 birds to Second Chance Bird Rescue in OR who helped us to downsize by taking in 24 of our handicap, elderly and most delicate birds who were recently transported, arrived and are settling in in their new home.

We need to keep the refuge open and operating with the remainder of 42 birds as we do not expect to move birds during the winter months. 

No donation is too small. Every dollar counts whether you donate $5 or $500.

Thank you for your support.

July 28, 2022!

We transported 11 birds to NC. The cost of renting a van, gas, and tolls total was just over $2K paid on my personal credit card since our Facebook Fundraiser does not release funds donated immediately. Hotel for overnight stay was paid from one of our donors directly as well as her kindness to drive 26 hrs.

We need to raise $6K ASAP to be able to transport 25 birds prior to the funds we raised be released to us from Network for Good. We ask you to kindly donate as much as you can afford direct to our Paypal account for funds to be available right away. We will post exact cost once we have all the receipts from the trips.

Please note:

“Nonprofits receive donations from Network for Good within 45-75 days after a donation, depending on enrollment. Facebook disburses donations to Network for Good once a month. Network for Good then disburses those donations to the nonprofit the following month. For example, a donation made on Facebook in January will be paid to the nonprofit on March 15.”

We appreciate your time to read, follow and contributions made to help us house our birds to their new home as we continue to work with other organization who can intake the remainder number of our birds.



Under My Wing continues to seek one or more dependable bird related organization that can intake and care for several of our sanctuary birds, as we need to downsize before winter.

We prefer an organization has the room and means for long-term to commit to their care. For the health and well-being of the birds most birds in our care will need to remain in a sanctuary setting and not placed for adoption. 

We have tentative dates for 3 different trips before the end of August, 2022. We will post as they are confirmed but not before the birds have left our building and arrived their destination. This way no false information will be given and hopefully eliminate people to engage in conversations with others only to receive false information.

Please, continue to share and donate as we have a long way to go to place our birds with several organizations in multiple states.

We are profoundly grateful to all of our contributors, who’s only recompense for their contributions is the opportunity whos passion for the vision of the birds future is possible. We are grateful to you, our readers and supporters who cheer us on as we meet your expectations. 

Your continual support is greatly appreciated.

July 11, 2022!

We remaining calm and patient during this transition period of downsizing. However, we will not rush nor make any decision on a whim as our bird’s well-being and their future is imperative and carefully planned. Birds will not leave our sanctuary before we complete our allocating list in which we hope be completed before September 2022.

Under any emergency or immediate need to move the birds due to decreased health issues, we have a written plan to assure our bird’s future be safely carried thru by our board members.

Shall only be placed with organizations that commit in writing that our birds remain in a sanctuary setting; therefore, organizations that are seeking to reassess our decision and wish to adopt out our birds are not considered.

At present, we are not allocating any birds to individual’s adoptions.

Transparency matters to us; however, there may be some organizations who expressed their wishes to be remain anonymous. Therefore, this granted consideration is due to the public or other organizations unsupported decision to help our cause and idle talk.

Upcoming trips:

Once we have completed out list of organizations that have committed to take birds in with number of birds, they are willing and able to care for long-term and welcome our birds to their sanctuary be announced.

Our list includes trips to deliver some of our birds to organizations that are not able to pick up birds, therefore, we still need your financial support to help us with their travel expenses and we appreciate your support in continuing to donate. Due to some of the birds, leaving cages behind, we will be also announce cages available for sale. All funding raised above our expenditure as well as proceedings from old cages will also be allocated toward our birds and be distributed to organizations that have committed to care for our birds.

We appreciate the time and support from committed organizations that have also committed to come to our sanctuary to pick up the birds and help reduce travel expenses, scheduled for time of pick up the birds, as well, as bringing travel carriers if possible to reduce our cost of purchasing them.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support!

July 3, 2022!

With a smile on my face and a heavy heart within I said bye to these precious lives. Thanks to our donors who donated toward their travel expense. I know they will be care for and in a safe place for years to come.

Please, continue to support this need to place our birds as many trips will be required since they will need to go to several locations across USA and the cost to do so unfortunately is high.

Thank you!

June 10, 2022!

So many times I walked in the bird building with lack of strength and did something or other, never enough and not at the level used to do. It breaks my heart that volunteers just either don’t show up, change time they can come when they can, mostly to feed the birds in the evening or on a weekend here and there. Some come out for selfish reasons as to play with birds.

This leaves me to do the majority of the work such as clean crates, mop floors and other stuff needing to be done.

Today was power washing walls in building. Got half done, hopefully I will get the rest done sometime next week after my Tuesday regiment of treatment.

The lack of volunteers that can drill holes and cut wood is also an issue since it’s hard to make toys without some wood.

Non the less I keep promising the birds to do all I can to keep them happy and thriving as I have the last 15 years no matter how ill I’ve been. Well, God keeps giving me strength and keep going like a toy with a Duracell battery, LOL.

It’s June, this morning I was determined to keep a promise I kept the birds each year. “Fresh cut tree branches” because they are better than man made bird toys and I can only spoil them with these during the summer months. So I went out at 8am and cut a whole bunch down. With tears in my eyes, a grateful heart and a smile in my face knowing the birds would be happy to chew the branches down; I lifted a prayer up to the Lord and thanked Him.

I am so very blessed!

Well most of the birds got branches, a few of the cages need some and hopefully tomorrow or the next day I can cut more. 98% of the birds are happily chewing up branches and this bring happiness to my heart!

The Lord is my healer and will continue to heal me for their sake. Amen!


We’re measuring success!

With the help of avian experts we reached out to for advice to help us find a reputable successor organization. Without any doubt or delay, we proudly announce that a reputable organization to commit our bird’s future and their long lived life care and protection has been established. Our succession organization value’s, mission and bird care treatment for our sanctuary birds hold the best interest of them.

Under My Wing has been in existence for 15 years and has placed a plan of succession years ago. Our primary plan was for our board members to continue to run the sanctuary. Over the years as we all age, lost some board members due to illness or need for a nursing home.

On December 2021 I suffered a Lung Embolism and began the New Year with the diagnosis and treatments for the (C) word which I prefer calling it “Celebration of life with infusion regiments of Cocktails Cheer.

I have had a vigorous attitude filling me with a healthy attitude, an even a greater determination than ever in my life with an unstoppable spirit to live to 90 and continue to care for the sanctuary birds and I refused fear to grip my heart for my life. I believe this is just another plateau to reach, one that truly shows what life looks like when living matters the most. My therapy regiments is nothing more than the mixture of Cocktails I receive bringing me health and a newness of life to accomplish more.

When diagnosed, my tumors were in advanced stage. The goal was to control and shrink the tumors, relieve pain and prevent the condition from metastasizing in any new area. I am ecstatic to report that regiments of the mixture of Cocktails I receive are working. My recent tests show one small tumor is completely gone and the larger tumor has decreased in size. I am continuing to receive treatments and look forward to my next report showing total remission.

My life will never be the same; it’s renewed, with newer hope and clearer visions as the plans for our sanctuary bird’s future is secured.

We appreciate your help and patience as we devote this time to the continual care of the birds being our top priority. Simultaneously preparing all necessary legalities, logistic planning, manpower and good old fashion time to the health and safety of the bird’s transition to their new home when we need to.

Please continue to support our needs as we continue posting our updates.

Thank you!

Our work in saving birds lives continues!