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At Under My Wing Avian Refuge, our staff understands that unexpected changes in your life circumstances can force you to relinquish your beloved companion bird, and we are here to help you with this difficult process.

Like many other bird owners, you don’t want to let go of your dear companion, After all, most people who have to give up a companion bird have lived with their bird for many years and parting can be a heart  wrenching experience. However, in the face of the inevitable, you want to make sure the bird is well provided for and that is where we can be the perfect fit.

Most owners who struggle with relinquishing their bird are comforted by knowing where or with whom their bird will be going, and that it will receive excellent care.  And for a fortunate few, the pain of never being able to see their bird again vanishes as they learn that they will be able to visit their bird in its new home.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge is here to help. We address both your concerns and your bird’s needs, and offer alternatives option to help you comfortable process the separation of your companion bird from you. Visitations with your bird at the refuge is one of them, by written agreement and as time and circumstances allow

Adopting out your bird to the most suitable home possible is never an option with us. We simply DO NOT adopt out birds but rather offer lifetime, permanent residency care on premises, short-term care and boarding. We do not utilize foster homes.

We offer options because we realize that although life-change is inevitable, unforeseen events necessitating giving up your bird should not cause you emotional hardship and leave you in a quandary about your bird’s future life and well-being no matter what the reason.

Change can be very difficult for your bird. Many parrots experience a traumatic and difficult adjustment when  entering an unfamiliar environment and with unfamiliar people. Any change must be handled with care and caution, especially for parrots that have lived alone with one family for years. That is why, unlike other bird's rescue and sanctuary organization, we encourage a slow change whenever possible to help minimize the stress and grief of the parrot as well as the owner when parting is necessary. Ideally, the separation of a bird from the human bond should be made in gradual steps by allowing familiar people to remain connected and allowing the bird to keep its familiar cage and toys.

Because of their high intelligence and strong emotional needs, parrots can suffer from depression and a broken spirit when these needs are not met. Unlike people, parrots have no counselors to speak to, and cannot choose to be on antidepressants. All they are left with is themselves and their beautiful plumage, which they often attack, plucking themselves bare and bloody. No wonder there are any parrots who are self-mutilators. Well, truth be told, some people choose to ignore the fact that parrots have emotional needs, yet it’s well known that parrots find it very comforting to be held, caressed, and spoken to. The tone alone that we use, can make a huge difference in a parrot’s life.

Given our organization’s concern about the overall welfare of captive birds, we must add here that today, more than ever, parrots are neglected, abused, and mistreated all over the world – a fact minimally recognized by the general public. Sadly, many are ill-treated and disrespected even in death, with their bodies buried in back yards or tossed in the garbage, with no regard for the dignity of their lives. Clearly, a wider appreciation of these beautiful creatures must be encouraged and awareness of the growing crisis of displaced exotic birds, must be increased through education of the public.

Again, Under My Wing Avian Refuge is here to help.

When you are faced with the need to give up your bird due to unforeseen circumstances or if you can no longer care properly for your bird, relinquish your bird to us with confidence, knowing where your bird will reside and opt to come visit your bird. We will accept your reason for surrendering your bird without judgment, and will provide it with the safe, loving environment  you and your bird so very much deserves.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge looks forward to helping you with the process of finding the best solution for your bird's future. There is no Donation of a bird. 

Our required process for relinquishing a bird to Under My Wing Avian Refuge begins carefully considering an optimal choice for your bird.  Once your decision has been made and you would like to proceed forth we require you to complete our Bird’s History Questionnaire. Following receipt of the completed questionnaire we may make an appointment to visit the bird in its current home, or may contact you for additional information required by the Board Members. Once acceptance of your bird is approved by our Board, we will make arrangements for its transport to the sanctuary.

Please note that we do offer Special Arrangements and or Emergency intake of birds. Special arrangements or emergency situations can be discussed directly with Paula. Rapid admission of a bird can be granted provided that we have the room as well as the means to properly care for your bird and meet its specific needs.


Avian Medical Requirements

  • We  do not accept any bird  who has not been Avian Disease Tested  and has a current Vet Clearance.
  • Bird must have recent had a Veterinary Physical, been tested for PDD, BFD, Chlamydia, Aspergillus, Polyoma and Pacheco

If you wish for  us to provide these services the cost is $900 and test results must be in prior to bringing bird to us.

Boarding Requirements

Boarding Fees do not include food, toys or grooming. There will be an additional cost if you prefer for us to provide such.

Grooming by Appointments Only

Birds who will receive a bath will not be release for 2 hrs after grooming in the Winter Months.

Small Bird

  • Nail Care $20
  • Beak Care $20
  • Wing Clipping $10
  • Bathing $20

Medium Bird 

  • Nail Care $25
  • Beak Care $30
  • Wing Clipping $15
  • Bathing $25

Large Bird

  • Nail Care $30
  • Beak Care $30
  • Wing Clipping $20
  • Bathing $35


Full Grooming Service

Please deduct a 10% off for Full Service of Nail, Beak, Wing and Bathing. 

Short Term Care  or  Boarding (1 Day  to  3 Weeks)

  • Daily  Fee:  
  • Small Bird  $15
  • Medium  Bird  $20
  • Large  Bird  $25

Long-term Care or Boarding (1  Months  or  More)

Monthly Fee: 

  • Small Bird  $400
  • Medium  Bird  $550
  • Large  Bird  $700

Long-term Lifetime Care  or  Relinquish (Permanent  Resident)

Yearly Fee: 

  • Small Bird  $1500
  • Medium  Bird  $2000
  • Large  Bird  $2500

Special Care Bird Fee's May slightly change according to needed care.

Special Arrangements or Emergency  Accommodation  are Welcome


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