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Our Programs

  • Companion 4 Life
  • Nursing Homes & Assisted Living
  • Best Friend to Disabled Teens & Adult
  • Pennies for Parrots
  • UMWAR Youth Group

Companion 4 Life

Companion 4 Life is a program for seniors. We provide a small bird to seniors who live alone and in housing that restricts them from pets such as a cat or dog.

A discouraging situation for animal lovers are seniors who live alone and in housing that restricts them from pets such as a dog or a cat. For others, it may be that they are not able to tend to the need of a four legged friend. A situation in which age or ability leaves them with no animal companion.

Our Exotic Birds Refuge companion for life programs allows a worry free companion friend to live with seniors in our community. This service is a community outreach service which provides companionship to qualified individuals who reside in Sussex County. We take full responsibility and a senior can have confidence and joy knowing his/her companion bird will be cared by them and monitored by our volunteers. We visit frequently and provide avian veterinary care when needed along with food and other necessities for the bird.

We chose to help our community who would enjoy the company of a small bird live a more fulfilled and happier life because socializing with friends sometimes can be very limited if at all a constant companion such as a small bird is a life to care for which bring disabled individuals; Purpose, Inspiration, Hope and Joy.

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

Years ago before our refuge Paula our founder and a nursing home volunteer who would visit and spend time with seniors who were left behind found purpose and joy. Her life with seniors made a difference in their life as well as hers. Paula's life took a turn which lead her away from visiting seniors but her heart could not let go of the joy she knew she bought to these individuals. Now we have implanted this service in our programs and the results are amazing.

How delighted the smiles we see when entering a room full of folks that thought they would never see a bird so close and interact with at their age.

A few pictures that speak for themselves are memories in people's lifetime who one cannot replace with nothing else.

Know of a Nursing or Assisted Living Home we can brighten up their day?


Best Friend to Disabled Teens & Adult

Many disabled teenagers as well as adults are lonely and depressed due to their physical condition. Socializing with friends sometimes can be very limited if at all. A constant companion such as a small bird is a life to care for which bring disabled individuals; Purpose, Inspiration, Hope and Joy.

We are delighted to help our disabled community live a more fulfilled and happier life.

If you are or know any disabled individual who may benefit from our program please contact.


We can't wait to see people smile! 

Pennies for Parrots

Pennies for Parrots is an Assistance Avian Health Program designed to help defray some of the costs of veterinary care in an emergency situation for parrot owners across the USA.

Our Pennies for Parrots Program was created by Paula in 2007 when in search for veterinary assistance to help Aldo, a Moluccan Cockatoo that needed immediate veterinary care. Paula had a hard time finding anyone to help with Aldo's veterinary expense and took out a personal $3000 loan.

Paula envisioned that since there was no such program in place that was easy accessible for bird owner to use she would simply create one.

To make her vision a reality she built a web page and advertised it. This was one of the great achievements for Paula who just had opened her sanctuary for exotic birds.

To keep up the continual assistance for parrots in need across our country here we explain our activities.

Pennies for Parrots had been placed on hold while our sanctuary experienced a few setbacks due to a smoke fire in 2010, Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Storm Sandy2012. The program has resumed in 2014.


 Our first applicant to receive the    benefit of our "Pennies for Parrot"  assistance.

How this works:

  • We allocate a small portion of Under My Wing Avian Refuge general funds to this program.
  • We receive your our financial support for this cause and help parrots in need in need of emergency care and collaborate with the veterinarians who are treating the parrot all across USA.
  • We make available to the public reports of the donated funds along with reports of the emergency veterinary expenses paid thru the program.
  • We invite others to join us in this project and to donate repetitively to eliminate the neglect and suffering of parrots all across our country.

Pennies for parrots shall continue due to your generosity and gift giving to the project which has become a wing's help providing emergency veterinary care for parrots all across our country.

UMWAR Youth Group

The youth of today will become the owners of parrots tomorrow. Our youth program educates young people all about parrots and philanthropy. Their goal is to work collectively for the cause of our organization by selecting activity and projects to make a positive change in a parrot's life.

We are proud of our youth group for they are enthusiastic, energetic and selflessness. A true committed hard working team.

UMWAR's Youth Group is composed of individual teams working toward one goal.

  • Girls Scouts
  • Teenagers age 12-18
  • Disabled Youth



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