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Professional Parrot Care

Under My Wing provides excellent professional care.

We specialize in working with birds that that are aggressive towards humans or other birds, very noisy, self-mutilators, feather pucker’s, sufferers of separation anxiety, are elder or in need of palliative care, have disabilities and parrots that have very neurotic behaviors.

Our birds live in a safe, comfortable, loving, and mentally enriching environment, with many developing trusting and often playful relationships with staff members and volunteers. Our professional staff serves your parrot with optimum service from short-term to life-time care.

We provide:

  • Healthy diets and proper avian veterinary care
  • Proper sized housing in large cages and aviaries
  • Clean environment
  • Supervised time out of the cage playtime minimal 6 hours per day
  • Indoor and outdoor playtime and activities
  • Hospice care for the terminally ill and comfort (palliative) care for the physically challenged

Short-term Care

  • For owner relinquished, adoptable birds and birds that are transferred to our care by other organizations or law officials.
  • Boarding while owner travel or for other reasons cannot care for the bird for an extended period
  • Rehabilitation of a bird while it is recovering from major surgery or requires behavior modification
  • Accommodate lost and found birds

Long-term Lifetime Care

  • For unadoptable birds that are relinquished by owners or family members with financial provision but cannot afford the high cost of most parrot sanctuaries
  • For unadoptable birds that are transferred to our care by other organizations or law officials
  • Permanent long-term care, should an owner become incapacitated and are no longer able to provide for its care
  • For elderly birds or those with life-threatening illness (hospice care)
  • For birds who have lost their owner and willed to our care with financial provision

Special Arrangements or Emergency

  • Special arrangements or emergency situations can be discussed directly with Paula. Rapid admission of a bird can be granted provided that we have the room as well as the means to properly care for your bird and meet its specific needs.


  • We provide individual classes with hands-on learning experiences for new bird owners and individuals who plan to adopt a bird.
  • We use lectures, radio talk shows, and other means to educate the general public about the need for responsible bird ownership, health, emergencies and avian care


 Our Programs


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