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Under My Wing 's mission is to provide a safe permanent residence to tormented and unwanted exotic birds and maintain their lifelong care. In addition Under My Wing provides services to the avian community, in general via education, hands-on training, and community service outreach with programs specifically designed to equip prospective bird parents who wish to adopt with as much knowledge and insight as we have about our adoptable birds.


Under My Wing is focused on the present and future needs of the birds. Our experience brings us to a vision of preparedness and financial stability, with a well-equipped facility capable of handling the never-ending needs of the birds – particularly those who have lost their human “family,” have been abandoned or abused, or are elderly or disabled. Preparedness is crucial not only for the immediate future but also for 10, 30, 50 years from now, given the present overbreeding and over sales of parrots – which can live 80 years or more and which frequently outlive their original owners.Our model is to become accredited by the American Sanctuary Association and, through our demonstrated excellence of care, play a leadership role in our community and State in promoting the socially, morally, and ethically responsible treatment of exotic birds.

Our present and future activity leading us to fulfill our vision includes:

  • Hold hands-on educational classes for new bird owners and individuals who plan to adopt one or more birds.
  • Create a Youth Summer Service Program, along with an After-school Creative and Educational Program, to give responsible local teenagers an opportunity for hands-on stewardship while learning about responsibility, humane animal treatment, and community service in a fun way.
  • Meet with school officials, parent organizations (eg, PTA) and youth organizations (including 4H Clubs and Boy/Girl Scouts) to raise community awareness about our summer and after-school programs and potentially recruit teens for these programs.
  • Identify resources relevant to grief therapy (eg, books, references, support groups, hot-line numbers for counselors) and make these available to individuals struggling to cope with the loss of their companion bird. Also, invite them to spend some time working with the refuge birds, if they would find this comforting.
  • Interact with other reputable animal-welfare organizations to establish a mutually beneficial support network that can guide its members with respect to redistribution of birds from over-populated rescues, adoption/placement of birds, emergency situations, fund-raising, etc.
  • Under our Specific Placement Parrot Rescue Transfers agreement, work in collaboration with other animal shelters to place as many birds as possible in responsible homes.
  • Promote fund raising targeted for our programs as well as for an additional building, with emphasis on its potential advantages including increased space for birds and functions that benefit the community, eg, educational programs, hands-on training, meetings, reception area for visitors and prospective adopters.
  • Offer gift-giving options and multiple levels for membership, and utilize social networking/e-mail campaigns to secure a minimum of 1000 committed individuals with repeat monthly donations.


  • Obtain accreditation by the American Sanctuary Association
  • Expand our staff and volunteer program
  • Educate the general public, young people, and potential bird owners about important issues of avian welfare
  • Develop a support program for individuals grieving over the loss of their companion bird
  • Establish a mutually beneficial network of animal welfare organizations that wish to excel in safeguarding exotic birds
  • Construct an addition to our building to expand the birds' safe housing and serve as an information/educational center
  • Reach a minimal financial-support paid membership of 1000


  • File for accreditation by the American Sanctuary Association
  • Add an Assistant to our Executive Director experienced in exotic bird care to our staff
  • Add additional Board Members with a passion for animal welfare and skills that we would like to incorporate into our Board Directors as we grow
  • Continue to utilize local media, schools, organizations, and government offices to recruit volunteers from the community, including individuals who must fulfill required community services 



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