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Parrot Sanctuary Caregiver Volunteer Opportunity

Parrot Sanctuary Caregiver Volunteer Position

Parrot Sanctuary Volunteer Caregiver is responsible for the health and happiness of our wonderful resident birds.

Duties include:

  • The level of care for birds in a sanctuary attends particularly to the need of each bird long-term.  For example, birds with problem skin need a daily shower. Birds with wing, leg, and/or foot handicaps should not be on high perches or require a soft padded floor underneath them. Specific duties vary for each bird and from time to time medications many need to administered to some birds.
  • Cleaning food bowls and feeding areas, and preparing diets, daily feeding and offer fresh water multiple times a day to birds who either poop or bathe in water dishes.
  • Daily cleaning of bird crates and stands and wipe down bird dust from cages.
  • Scraping (exposed to animal waste) is a daily task; mopping required every other day.
  • Toweling birds as needed and bringing him/her back to cage.
  • Monitoring the health of all birds who are blind, handicap or wear collars.
  • Assist in grooming and maintain their physical appearance (trimming nails, beak care and preening).
  • Assemble and place toys.
  • Provide enrichment including socialization interactions:  some birds like to be held, caressed and will not thrive being left without.
  • Maintain clean areas:  kitchen, bathroom, bird wash room



  • Love and concern for animals.
  • If inexperienced in bird care individual must be willing to be trained and volunteer 35 hrs. + per week 
  • Prior experience in an animal rescue, zoo or conservation setting is beneficial. Veterinary assistant, vet-tech, or bird care and handling experience is preferred.
  • One must be physically able to regularly lift, bend, reach, kneel and stand for long periods. Volunteering will have you on your feet all day and requires endurance and physical strength.
  • Must be able to work independently and collaborate with our team.
  • Must have the ability to routinely lift and carry 50 pounds to restock food.
  • Our indoor environment is extremely loud.  Although most volunteers prefer wearing headsets or earplugs, one must be able to hear when birds are in trouble and be aware of what is happening around them.
  • People with allergies may have issue with the bird dusting.
  • Willingness to volunteer with potentially aggressive parrots.

Birds are rewarding and work-intensive, and they need our help. 

Send resume, cover letter and three references