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Under My Wing Avian Refuge has a staff of unpaid volunteers who serve and are committed to serve our permanent residents and the adoptable birds under our care as well as, maintain their habitat clean and in proper order.

These volunteers, whom we refer to as our bird caretakers assure that each bird is properly cared for, maintain their living quarters clean and free of debris, enrich each birds life with mental stimulation and human interaction. They also help us to promote adoptions and help us at adoption and fundraising events.

Under My Wing does not only have adults as our bird caretakers but youngsters from 12 years old teens, disabled individuals and students who have an interest in birds and in need to fulfill State required community service for graduation. The youngsters are our parrot’s little angels who help mostly with assembling bird toys. They come from different groups in our community; the Sussex County Girls Scouts, students from our local schools including the High School Special Education class who assembles toys in their classroom for the birds, and the Community Vocational Services in Milford PA.

Our bird caretakers generously dedicate many hours of their life caring for the birds at our refuge. Birds who once were had been captured and used as breeders or in trade, entertainment, no longer able to live with owners, abused, abandoned, neglected, emotionally and physically handicap.

Although we could never provide the freedom these parrots deserve as in the wild, we do provide a safe, comfortable, loving, and mentally enriching environment, where many develop trusting relationships with our staff. We also provide them with a healthy diet and proper avian veterinary care as well as hospice care for the terminally ill, and comfort (palliative) care for the physically challenged. We maintain a high standard of care assuring the best possible quality of life for all the birds at our sanctuary.

We not only serve and care for exotic birds. Under My Wing has a major investment in educating the public, the avian community and the youth as well as established programs which includes seniors, disabled individuals and teens. In addition we offer simple services such as avian sexing and disease testing, avian grooming, avian boarding, training new bird owners, and sell bird food and other avian products to help us with sustainability.

We do not receive any additional funding to help with operational costs other than the generosity of our benefactors. Because we are a nonprofit corporation we cannot issue shares of stock, we are not Government of State funded and rely on your support to help us sustain maintain a sanctuary for unwanted and the high-risk (biters, handicap and aggressive birds) and adoptable birds.

Under My Wing is well aware that a donation is not an obligation and we wish never to come across as you owed anything to support our cause. We are very grateful for all you are willing to do to help us make a difference in supporting our work. We highly appreciate all you are willing to do and can only suggest the best ways you can help.  Caring for these birds here at the refuge is expensive and money matters to help us make a difference in their everyday life as well as long term. Donating funds to our cause of any amount helps us tremendously. Of course, your contributions to our organization is tax deductible.

Please review our Donor Information Center page. This gives you a clear picture of our expenditures and where your generous donations are spent on. We also provide you with other ways to help and be a supporter to our cause.

Please review our Donor Information Center page.



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