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Brief Overview

A brief outline of our Services and Programs

As unpaid guardians of surrendered birds, Under My Wing Avian Refuge serves the needs of a small portion of the thousands of exotic birds worldwide who by living in captivity have suffered abuse, abandonment, negligence, emotionally or physically scarred for life.

Here at the refuge, the majority of our birds are physically or behaviorally challenged, sick, or aged. Some of the birds have come from loving homes where the owners died or could no longer provide for their bird care; others were rescued from abusive and uncaring owners by Animal Control officers.

The birds at Under My Wing live in a safe, comfortable, loving, and mentally enriching environment. Many have and some are developing trusting and often playful relationships with staff members and volunteers. We provide them with a healthy diet and proper avian veterinary care. Additionally, we provide hospice care for the terminally ill, and comfort (palliative) care for the physically challenged. This high standard of care assures the best possible quality of life for all the birds at our sanctuary.

At Under My Wing Avian Refuge, we serve parrots and people. We listen, council, imagine and create solutions on the complex issues involved in addressing the welfare of the birds and for individuals who are in need or wish to relinquish a bird; options to suit their needs and circumstances and affordability. 

More often than one would expect we encourage bird owners and are very successful in helping their bird(s) live in their home with our intervention, guidance and follow up plans as well as help with finding a bird a new home directly rather than to move a bird needlessly as an adoption agent might.

We involve our community in all phases of our services, programs and projects – from serving and planning how to better serve the needs of exotic birds to fulfilling individual needs in avian community and help them to assist us to meet the many needs at the refuge.

Our community outreach and education phases include youngsters to elderly. The end result is a gratifying and satisfactory accomplished mission for each individual seeking our services as well as reaching new growth and embracing a better future for the exotic bird’s welfare and care.

Our Service portfolio:

  • Intake and adoptions
  • Aid in rescue and rehabilitation
  • Accommodate lost and found birds
  • Education and public relations
  • Safeguard all endangered exotic birds
  • Specific placement parrot rescue transfers
  • Collaborate animal welfare activities
  • Avian sexing and disease testing
  • Safe avian boarding
  • Professional avian grooming
  • Avian grief counseling
  • Training novice bird owners
  • Visitations and tours

Our Service portfolio was designed as is. It shall never include the following segments:

  • Exploit or use of birds for commercial, entertainment purpose or to promote adoption
  • Handle adoptions of birds to hobbies for breeding or cross breeding
  • Take part in consignment, sale, trade, barter or breeding of animals 

For individuals who are in need or wish to relinquish a bird we have created options to suit your bird and your individual needs, circumstances and affordability.

To obtain additional information in reference to relinquishing a bird please visit our page called "Relinquishing Your Bird. Our founder has also written an article in referance with important information called Reputable Organization Criteria this may help you in your search when relinquishing or adoptin a bird.


  • Companions for Life
  • Best Friend to Disabled Teens & Adult Teens
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Home Visitations
  • Pennies for Parrots
  • UMWAR Youth Group
  • Grievance Support - Individual Counseling for individual in their time of loss. Please use our contact page to set up an appointment. 

Active individuals in our programs include:

  • High Point High School Special Education
  • High Point High School Special Education students
  • Wantage Middle School and High Point High School students - community service required
  • Sussex County Girl Scouts - community service toward Badge Awards
  • UMWAR’s Youth Group after school and summer program



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