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Between 2007 and 2009

  • Under My Wing took in over hundreds of unwanted, neglected, abused and foreclosed property birds.
  • Under My Wing was called in for exotic bird expert advice on animal abuse investigation and worked closely with NJSPCA Patrol Officer Lisa Deutch to help resolve the issue.
  • Established Pennies For Parrot Program and other still existing programs in order to reach the population beyond the local community.


  • The Ashfield's purchased 10.5 acres to establish the future home of the sanctuary and moved to Wantage NJ.
  • Under My Wing assisted and donated over 50 cages to Tinton Falls Humane Society when Authorities removed over 800 birds including carcasses of 375 birds from Ewa Matczak’s home.
  • November 3rd Under My Wing experienced a smoke fire and moved all the birds in the Ashfield's home while renovating the birds living quarters. They received assistance from other animal organization in their network and the general public.


  • While under renovation of the smoke fire construction for the entry of the sanctuary begun. A 60" x 45" concrete slab with sidewalk to driveway.
  • The Ashfield's donated the full reinstatement of their item loss to the refuge in order that the refuge was able to pay for new cages for 30 birds.and one 82 'x 62' aviary. Upon completion of renovations the birds were moved back to their quarters. Two months later, in August while phase 2 of 3 of the entrance to the sanctuary project was under construction Hurricane Irene flood hit hard in the excavated area allowing the water to damage all the renovations done and additionally caused new damage. An enormousness financial loss, The Ashfield's had no choice but to utilize their funds for the completion of the entrance project and used it for mold remediation, and repairs needed from the flood damage, leaving the concrete slab construction for a later time.
  • Re-established programs that experienced a set back due to the natural disasters. Companion for seniors, Best friend to Disabled teens, and Pennies for Parrots.


  • Saint Hubert’s Animal Control like many other organizations chose Uur organization to assist them and transfers birds to the refuge. As Under My Wing accepts birds in especially when overcrowding, abuse, abandoned birds and hoarding occurs.
  • UMWAR YOUTH group was re-established, along with the Grivience program and new programs such as the educational program for students from the Windsor Learning Center as they utilized Under My Wing's service for their student who were in transition from their school to NJ High Point High School.
  • Under My Wing, similar to the New Jerseyans population did not escape the effects that Super Storm Sandy had in store. Another set back that did not cripple our lifesaving work but empowered us to help families in distress with their so beloved birds. Simultaniously became a comfort zone to many who's life was shattered by Sandy.
  • We did it! UMWAR Youth Group which allows youngster to learn to care for birds and philanthropy were eager to support our cause and keep the birds happy with toy making creations and socialization while learning has grown to over 20 active children.
  • After all the set backs and delays Under My Wing finally accomplished becoming transparent and have earned the Transparency Badge.


  • All members of this organization advanced and are more dedicated to the morally and ethically responsible treatment of animals in our local community, state, and nation, and in the international community.
  • Our first 5K Run/Walk fundraising event took place in Brooklyn NY. We successfully raised over $1,500 for our cause.
  • Our program groups sub leaders and members are from:
    • High Point High School Special Education
    • Wantage Middle School
    • High Point High School
    • Sussex County Girl Scouts


Our plans are far from dealing with symptoms, the focus for our organization is including programs that solve parrot abuse and neglect, in our community and beyond. We will continually extend humane education and public assistance programs that help keep parrots from being homeless in the first place.



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