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Your involvement matters.

We can only do what we do with your support and we offer a variety of opportunities. Get Involved and Join Us!

You can help us do what we do for exotic birds, our community and the future of both animals and humans. Come, get involved and make an impact in the avian community. It is with your support that life changing begins with doing something good.

A phenomenal opportunity is to act on your concern, passion and motivation and to embrace the tasks at hand for the winged children who found themselves in a life where freedom and the ability to fly in the open sky is no longer their option. For captured, neglected and abused birds food and water is only served when someone pays attention to this need. 

Chances are for many parrots someday may not have enough people to give them the attention they so deserve nor the interaction to help them socialize with humans. Let's together make a difference in their life.

Come, and bring your kind, loving self to touch the life of parrots who so much desire to be loved and cared for.


We offer volunteer opportunities to individuals and interns who wish to contribute to our cause.

Volunteer's have the opportunity to earn a Tax Deduction for time spent helping our cause. Tasks will be honored at a dollar hourly rate payable in Tax Deduction Time toward the current year volunteers work. Along with your travel time and travel expense this can be a hefty amount that adds up quickly in a year and we are glad to see our volunteers take advantage of this opportunity. 

Volunteers and interns have the opportunity to learn, through “hands on” experience, the complex operations involved in running a sanctuary for exotic birds. Additionally, they become knowledgeable about many species of parrots, their unique personalities, and most importantly, the proper care of the individual species.

High and Middle School students of our community can enroll with us to fulfill the community service hours required by their schools. The students who do this are generally amazed to learn about animals that they might otherwise never interact with. Many of them have used exotic birds knowledge and experience as a subject for school reports based on the hands-on knowledge and experience they have gained here at the refuge. We also have had a few art and photography students who with permission have used our bird's and facility for their projects.

To minor offenders in our community it's an opportunity not only to fulfill their required community service hours but many of these individuals have learned service, love and compassion in a greater level.


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