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Dear Concerned Benefactor,

Under My Wing Avian Refuge is a non-profit organization that takes the business aspects of its operations seriously.

It is due to your trust and investment that today we have, a very exciting and successful, mission!

Our responsibility to both the birds and the general public is to create lean project budgets that have the most mission impact at the lowest dollar impact to the wallets of our supporters.

Under My Wing honors our benefactors, as a donor please know the rights we honor.  A Donor Bills of Rights.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge provides a safe haven to exotic birds and maintains their lifelong care. In addition Under My Wing provides services to the avian community in general via education, hands-on training and educate the public to better animal welfare issues. We also offer community service and programs specifically designed to assist the elder, disabled and the youth population

Your donation dollar is not used to support the staff at Under My Wing, but rather to support unwanted, abused and neglected parrots in the avian community who rely solely on our organization to provide a safe and secure housing as well as: proper veterinary care, healthy diets and mental stimulation.

You help to enrich their lives, strengthen our organization, and help secure the future of our sanctuary for years to come.

Please take a moment to read the content provided on our website. You will not only read about the mission of Under My Wing and how the mission is accomplished but you will meet in images the before and after life changing and progress of the many birds whom the mission reaches.

We are also in need of major donors to help with special projects and long-term development!

Your contribution, as part of a winning team of donors, will fill out a responsible revenue model and will benefit many parrots as well as our community and people who rely on our services. Please consider becoming a member of Under My Wing Avian Refuge.

All supporters of Under My Wing projects are the lifeblood of our organization. We rely on you. Please be assured of our immense gratitude for your financial support, as we continue to save, serve and care for parrots from abuse and neglect as well as protect the endangered species from becoming extinct.


Paula N Ashfield, Founder  

Under My Wing Operational Cost Include:

  • Alarm system monitoring cost
  • Annual liability insurance policy
  • Building maintenance and repairs
  • Business registration (federal, state, and county)
  • Cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Disinfectants
  • Electric, water and heating expense
  • Feeding syringes and special food for sick parrots
  • Food bins and water carts
  • Garbage and dumpster cost
  • Ground keeping and snow removal
  • Heating lamps and panels
  • Legal and accounting cost
  • Life insurance for the birds long-term future care
  • Office supplies, postage and delivery cost
  • Outdoor aviaries parts and equipment for repairs
  • Paid staff for bird care and cleaning
  • Painting of walls and woodwork
  • Paper towels and baby wipes
  • Parrot disease testing lab fees
  • Parrot cremation expenses
  • Parrot food: pellets, fresh fruit, vegetables, treats, nuts and seed
  • Parrot grooming
  • Parrot microchip and registration fees
  • Parrot necropsy
  • Parrot new cages, aviaries and parrot play gyms
  • Parrot towels
  • Parrot toys and toy parts, swings, bowls and other necessary items
  • Prescriptions for sick birds
  • Quarantine supplies, equipment and wear gear
  • Replacement cost of cages
  • Required and emergency veterinarian expense
  • Shelving for storage
  • State Wildlife required and scientific registration permits
  • Stripping and polishing of floors
  • Tarps for outdoor aviaries
  • Telephone, cellular and internet
  • Travel expense
  • Vehicle insurance and maintenance cost
  • Web site domain and hosting




We've established several Gift Giving funds for you to contribute to help us meet our budget and support our work

Be a Champion for the Birds who so rightfully deserve the best.




Under My Wing

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